20 Best Sci-Fi Films Of The 21st Century

21st century: a sci-fi odyssey.

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You'd be hard to up to find anyone who'd disagree that the 21st century has been... somewhat lacking in certain departments. The economy, international affairs, racism, sexism, the whole war thing, the decay of society and humanity in general. But, hey, we've gotten some killer films out of it! That counts for something, right? Well, we're saying it does because we just made ourselves sad.

In particular, the sci-fi genre has went through something of a renaissance this century. It makes sense though, don't it? After all, 2001 was the year of Stanley Kubrick's space odyssey was supposedly meant to take place.

To be completely fair, we're pretty sure that film wasn't predicting that science fiction movies were going to become absolutely amazing during the 21st century, but, to be fair, we have precisely zero idea what that film was actually about in the first place - and don't try and pretend you do either.

So strap in - be that figuratively or you literally have a spacecraft to strap into, we don't claim to know what you have going on - and prepare for our compilation of the greatest sci-fi movies of all time. And just so you know, there are spoilers for most of these entries.

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