20 Dumbest Moments In DC Movies

Prepare to facepalm all over again...

DC Comics have had a storied tenure at the movies, what with Batman and Superman giving birth to two enormously successful cinematic properties, and that's without even mentioning some of the lesser-known comics and graphic novels that they've optioned to movie studios over the years. Nothing can ever be perfect, though, and from the very best comic book films ever made to the worst, DC have had to weather their fair share of embarrassment on screen, from terrible acting to inane plot devices, humiliating depictions of classic superheroes and... one of the worst sex scenes of all time. Comic book films have an inherent silliness about them for the most part, but even so, it's hard not to feel your brain cells offing themselves as you sit through these outrageously idiotic scenes, ones that serve as an unpleasant reminder to Marvel Studios and Fox of just how dire things can get.

20. The Water Vaporiser Plot Hole - Batman Begins

In Batman Begins, Ra's al Ghul and Scarecrow's plan is to put Scarecrow's fear toxin in Gotham's water supply and then use a microwave emitter to vaporise it into airborne form, where it will cause the city to tear itself apart as insanity takes hold en masse. This ignores, of course, the basic science that human beings are roughly 70% water, and so setting off the vaporiser would kill everyone in Gotham in a fairly painful way. It's all the more stupid because Batman Begins is for the most part such a brilliantly tight, well thought-out movie, but it's got one majorly egregious plot hole hiding in plain sight, and once you realise, it's pretty much impossible to un-remember it.

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