20 Dumbest Moments In DC Movies

19. The Benny Hill Comedy Sketch - V For Vendetta

Surely the most infamous scene in this adaptation of Alan Moore's beloved graphic novel involves a segment on talk show host Gordon Deitrich's (Stephen Fry) program, where he attempts to make fun of High Chancellor Adam Sutler (John Hurt). Deitrich talks to an actor who (conveniently enough) looks exactly like Sutler, and before long terrorist "V" (Hugo Weaving) appears on the talk show set, leading to a chase scene set to the iconic Benny Hill theme. V removes his clothes to reveal that he is also Sutler underneath, causing the two actors portraying Sutler to argue about which one is the real man. Soldiers standing just off-camera then blow the pair away in a hail of bullets, as we cut to another V holding a cigar and giggling. It's the only notable comic relief scene in the film but it just doesn't work at all: instead it's something painful to be endured, a misguided affectation that should've been cut in editing.

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