20 Dumbest Moments In DC Movies

18. Superman Is A Deadbeat Dad - Superman Returns

Credit to Bryan Singer for trying something different with Superman Returns, but did he really need to turn Supes (Brandon Routh) into a deadbeat dad? Superman returns from a five-year absence, only to find that Lois Lane (Kate Bosworth) has a young son, which is of course his from a hook-up before he took off. Supes may be blessed with incredible supernatural abilities, but he clearly didn't think any of this through. Firstly, wear a rubber, or at least entertain the fact that you might get the girl pregnant and have to stick around. Instead, Supes hits it and quits it, heading off in order to find himself, only to be shocked when his spawn is running around upon his return. I mean, that's a lot of child support payments the Man of Steel has missed out on, right? Crucially, it shines a negative light on a character who's supposed to be this unflappable beacon of hope.

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