20 Flawless Scenes From 2021 Movies

The finest individual morsels of pure cinema.

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Now that the dust has settled on 2021, it's safe to say that this was a pretty good year for films. There weren't too many noteworthy turkeys, there were lots of awesome films and many of the delayed 2020 movies lived up to the hype.

Over the past month, we've all been thinking about our favourite movies of last year, but an equally interesting thing to consider is: what are some of the best film scenes of last year? Which ones have continued to live rent-free in our heads long after the credits rolled?

Well, being the good year that it was there are plenty such movie moments to consider; weirdly enough, some of the year's best movie moments come from otherwise disappointing films, which is a lovely surprise.

So, from awe-inspiring set-pieces to devastating drama scenes, from mesmerising openings to unforgettable endings, from gut-bursting gags to jolting shocks, these are some of the most perfect scenes from the past year.

Warning: Huge spoilers ahead for many 2021 movies, including No Time to Die, Spider-Man: No Way Home and The Suicide Squad.

20. Black Widow: The Opening Titles

It would difficult for anyone to credibly argue that Black Widow is a particularly good movie. For the most part, this is a clumsy, hollow and poorly-written sort-of prequel that came out at least five years too late and suggests a worryingly mediocre future for the MCU but nonetheless, greatness can come from anywhere.

The movie does boast one of the finest pre-title sequences in recent memory. A hard-hitting, chilling montage of the Black Widow program with a fantastic and atmospheric cover of Smells Like Teen Spirit playing in the background, this entire sequence is brilliantly haunting and feels like nothing else you can find in the MCU.

More than anything else, it suggested something far more powerful and subversive than the film we ultimately got.


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