20 Great Films You Won't Believe Aren't On IMDb's Top 250

We need to have an IMDb Top 500.

Toy Story 2

The IMDb Top 250 is probably the average movie-goer's biggest indicator of whether a film is great or not, since it's voted for by the public instead of film critics. To use this list as a recommendations tool is a good idea since it's a very good list for the most part, but if you rely on this list too much you're going to miss an awful lot of gems which inexplicably aren't on there.

The films which get onto the list are very inconsistent. A lot of universally-beloved people's favorites aren't on the list while various more obscure pieces are; there's even a noticeable number of films that have received heavy backlash that have still held onto their spots. The list is also dominated by American cinema, meaning many great international films are left out.

It's a good list overall, but for all the great movies on there a lot of equally deserving films aren't there for no clear reason. The number of great films excluded from the list is enormous, but these following 20 exclusions in particular will send many film fans and critics alike into an all-caps rage.

20. Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Toy Story 2
Marvel Studios

Rating: 7.8

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is the biggest franchise in the world and currently only one of its 19 films has made it onto the list: Avengers: Infinity War. Infinity War is a great movie, but unfortunately the best MCU film doesn't have a spot. In contrast, the other big Marvel franchise, the X-Men Cinematic Universe, is currently represented by its two best movies - Logan and Deadpool 2 - on the list.

Winter Soldier is a tremendous film and a truly fool-proof blockbuster that combines fantastic spectacle, great directing, compelling characters and an interesting plot into an emotionally engaging, refreshingly dark and ridiculously fun whole.

It's a peak the MCU has yet to top. The action sequences are genuinely brilliant while the political themes are consistently compelling and surprisingly sobering, making this a wonderful mixture of action and art. It's style-over-substance cinema of the very best kind and was one of the greatest films of 2014.

It seriously deserves a spot, as it's one of the greatest superhero movies of all time.

Where It Should Be: #150-#250


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