20 Greatest Dance Scenes In Movie History

Gene Kelly, Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers, dance on air...

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There are so many different elements that go into dance, from your emotion to how you expressive yourself. It’s not just movement, it’s a way of telling of a story, often without the need for words. It’s a timeless art form, one which can be universally accessible to anyone.

By now, we have seen every single style of dance imaginable performed in the movies, ranging from ballroom, tap, ballet, street, Latin and freestyle. As cinema continues to evolve, so does the art form of dance.

The 1930s saw the poised waltzing of Fred and Ginger, the 1950s brought us show-stopping Broadway numbers, the 1970s gave us the risqué choreography of Fosse, the 1980s depicted something new and unique – each era gave us something different. And who knows what else is in store for the next stage of dancing in the movies?

But which of these moments in film have stood out amongst the rest? The following is an exploration of the most iconic choreography sequences in movies which left us spellbound by their sheer performance skills and artistry.

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