20 Greatest Ending Lines in Film History

It's always better to have the last word.

There's nothing so awful as the disappointment you feel when you're watching a really good movie, and then all of a sudden the ending just falls apart. It feels like you've wasted your time getting emotionally invested, and the filmmakers have let you down. It's easy to write a beginning, but endings are the hard part - any writer will tell you that. That's why it's so impressive when a movie manages to close on a really high note, one that you'll remember for a long time after watching. It's possible, although difficult, to take the entire soul of a film and shove it into a few words or sentences at the end of the movie. They're capable of summing up everything that it represents, and leaving us with a profound impression of what the film was supposed to mean (or make us question it, as is the case with some of these movies). When that happens, it's something rare and special that is worthy of notice. But before getting started, it's best to note that as this article deals with things that happen at the end of movies, it's safe to say that it does involve a fair amount of spoilers, so continue at your own risk. That might seem like common sense, but this is the internet after all - better safe than sorry.

20. Back To The Future

"Roads? Where we're going, we don't need roads." Marty McFly has just returned to 1985 and is barely recovered from the shock of seeing all the changes in his family that occurred as a result of his actions in 1955. He's still reeling from all of this when Doc Brown shows up in the DeLorean, freaking out about the future and insisting that Marty and Jennifer come along with him. He says those great last lines, and we discover that the DeLorean can fly now. What? That's awesome! Now remember, back when they made Back To The Future, they weren't really planning on making sequels. Those were intended to be the very last words on the subject. And as much as we love Parts II and III, Doc Brown's lines would have been a pretty amazing ending, filled with all the promise and excitement of the unknown, leaving us to imagine their next adventures.
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