20 Hidden Horror Gems On Netflix

The best horror movies lurking in the shadows of the streaming service.

The Babysitter Netflix

Netflix's streaming service has long been doing God's work for the horror genre, updating its vaults with new content and old classics alike to make a whole new type of Netflix and chill with its shiver-inducing library.

Populated with big name brands and reliable favourites like The Conjuring or The Exorcist, it's easy to look over the little guys lurking on the sidelines, either produced independently to little fanfare or by Netflix themselves - so you've got to know where to look to find the goods.

For when you're feeling something new then, digging through the site can be a laborious effort when you just want to become one with your sofa. It'd sure be great if there was some form of list that had a load of excellent overlooked titles on it to easily find your next fix then, huh...

20. Here Alone

The Babysitter Netflix
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It's your classic end of the world scenario - one woman is trying to survive in the middle of a pandemic that leaves humanity decimated, all evil looking and zombified, and particularly savage to anyone that isn't infected with their same disease.

Here Alone depicts the stillness and rawness of an open, forgotten world in a way that we don't usually experience in zombie movies - featuring how people survive and move on rather than the excitement and brutality of fighting back against hoards of gross humans.

Here Alone does have a mixed bag of reviews, but it's worth the watch for its portrayal of real people in an unreal world, and how they learn to be with one another after the unthinkable happens.

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