20 Hidden Horror Gems On Netflix

19. The Night Eats The World

The Babysitter Netflix
Haut et Court

With yet another addition to the never-ending apocalypse of zombie movies, you'd think that the genre would have no new places left to go in all the years they've been spurted out.

The Night Eats The World might be reminiscent of its predecessors in that it's one man as a lone survivor whilst Paris falls victim to a pandemic around him, in that it's like Cloverfield's post-party meltdown or 28 Days Later's sprawling abandoned city, but still manages innovation with its one (or thereabouts) character.

The Night Eats The World is a claustrophobic movie, one that really pits you against the question of whether it's worth being alive or dead when the end of the world strikes. What would you do trapped alone against endless undead?

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