20 Highest Grossing Movies Of 2017 - Ranked Worst To Best

Did Star Wars slay all the superheroes?

Wonder Woman
Warner Bros.

History will dictate that, on paper, 2017 at the movies couldn't quite stir up the same audience interest as last year, with the past 12 months generating roughly $10.8 billion in box office revenue, well short of 2016's $11.3 billion haul.

Is it because most of the year's biggest hits were actually not that great? Not at all. In fact, of the year's 20 highest-grossing films, 75% of them scored Fresh critical ratings, proving once and for all that, more often than not, the money train does prefer to follow quality.

Save for a single film on this list, however, every other movie is either a sequel, reboot, remake, adaptation or spin-off movie featuring a pre-existing character. Originality is dead in Hollywood, or so many claim, but going by the number of incredible indies that made no money this year, the stagnation is clearly only an issue at high-gamble price-points such as this.

With only two of these movies costing less than $50 million, Hollywood's big-budget money-printing formula is clear, but at least for 2017, the majority of the year's biggest hits thankfully turned out to be pretty decent...

20. The Mummy

The Mummy
Universal Pictures

Box Office: $409.1 million (#20 out of 20)

The 20th-highest grossing movie of the year is also the worst of those 20 movies, somewhat aptly. Tom Cruise proved himself thoroughly miscast in this reboot of The Mummy franchise nobody asked for, which was so busy trying to promote a planned cinematic universe that it forgot to include likeable characters, entertaining action or any real reason for its own existence.

Sofia Boutella tried her best as the titular antagonist and Russell Crowe's hammy extended cameo was bonkers fun to a point, but for the most part The Mummy never rose above thorough blandness, with occasional divergences into straight-up awfulness.

With the Dark Universe seemingly dead before it even got going, Cruise will no doubt want to forget this one as soon as possible.


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