20 Idiotic Decisions Made By Characters In Quentin Tarantino Movies

Pulp Fiction: or how not to hold a gun in the car...

Quentin Tarantino has rightly earned his reputation as one of the greatest writer-directors in film history, with his first major feature, 1992's Reservoir Dogs, planting him firmly on the map, while his follow-up, Pulp Fiction, cemented him as a director of one of the greatest movies ever made. His filmography has been consistently great ever since, crafting some of the most irrepressibly hilarious characters and situations in mainstream cinema, some of who, for want of a better phrase, weren't always the smartest of cookies. Tarantino's movies feature plenty of bad*ss characters, but what they have in even greater abundance is a fair share of idiotic goofballs, hilarious characters we often can't help but love, but ones who also end up putting themselves on the wrong side of a gun, some illegal drugs, or maybe even a black mamba. We've combed through Tarantino's 8 major motion pictures to date and cherry-picked the 20 stupidest decisions made by his characters, be it allowing the protagonist to nonsensically get the upper hand, trusting that crazy psychopath in the stunt car, or maybe just not practicing good toilet etiquette when packing a gigantic machine pistol. They're all in there, and many more.

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