20 More Incredibly Satisfying Moments In Movie History

They're enough to make you high five a perfect stranger in the dark. But don't.

At the end of last year, WhatCulture posted an article called '20 Greatest Satisfying Moments In Movie History'. The article itself created a lot of discussion in the comments section that clearly showed that if cinema can do one thing, it's that it can create an almost endless bounty of satisfactory moments. Using clever writing, sharp one liners and general revenge set ups, movies often provide us with those moments that grab the audience in their seats and compel them to whoop and applaud (hopefully just inside their own heads) and fist bump perfect strangers in the dark without fear of castigation. Whether that is the death of a well-deserving villain, or a pay-off to a long build up, or simply a succinctly placed, devastating line, it is the feeling that each moment inspires that makes them so important here. After all, satisfaction inherently implies engagement, and that can only be counted as the chief agenda that all writer and directors should aim for with every creative brush-stroke they make. Now, for your humble discretion are '20 MORE Incredibly Satisfying Moments In Movie History'...


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