20 More Incredibly Satisfying Moments In Movie History

20. Neo is The One - The Matrix

In the last article written on this subject, quite a lot of the comments centred around what was missing from the list, and one in particular stood out, and justifiably so - Neo becoming The One. After doubts thrown in every which way from just about everyone, including Morpheus, when Neo finally becomes the one and destroys the seemingly invincible Agent Smith, it is one hell of a kicker for the audience. After being shot, ridiculed and harassed by the agents, there is nothing cooler than seeing Neo stop their bullets mid-flight, enter the stomach of Smith, inhabiting his body and destroying him from the inside out. Shame then, that the film seems redundant once you consider the sequels €“ Especially the completely lack lustre final end to Smith in Revolutions.

19. "Get Away From Her You, B*tch!" - Aliens

Once we arrive back on the Mothership away from LV426, you would be forgiven for thinking Ripley has escaped the Queen Alien and saved her surrogate daughter, hard as nails marine love interest and little robot friend. Bishop is ripped apart, spurting milk everywhere in the process, and the queen alien goes after Newt - who is screaming in the exact same tone over and over again seemingly begging to be ripped apart limb from limb. Cue Lt. Ellen Ripley slowly walking out strapped to a loader robot. The camera moves to her face as she stops, looks long at hard at the queen before bellowing out the ultimate female empowerment phrase: 'Get away from her you, B*tch!' Queen Alien: 0. Audience satisfaction levels: 1.

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