20 Mind-Blowing Facts About Inside Out

15. Riley's Mind Used To Have Even More Regions

Inside Out created a rich geography of the mind for Riley: Imagination Land, the Islands of Personality, Long-Term Memory, Headquarters, the Train of Thought, the Memory Dump, Dream Productions and the Subconscious Basement. With such creativity at work, it's no surprise the animators also created even more; Idea Fields (from which farmers truck ideas to Headquarters) and a Stream of Consciousness. Sadly there just wasn't room for either in the story, and the emotions were shown to have much easier access to ideas for Riley than phoning up a trucking company: they just went to a closet. Riley's mind will no doubt continue to expand once she hits puberty (or as the emotions call it, "puh-berty"), so it's entirely possible we'll see the Stream in a sequel.
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