20 Mind-Blowing Facts You Didn’t Know About Groundhog Day

7. Bill Murray Bought Everyone A Danish

Groundhog Day Breakfast
Columbia Pictures

Another one for the long list of barely believable Bill Murray stories - especially given his cantankerous demeanour. According to Stephen Tobolowsky, during one particular shoot, Murray put a stop to things to feed the gathered masses:

"We were about to start shooting Groundhog Day and on the first day, there were 500 townsfolk gathered there to watch us. Bill looked at me and said "Do you know what these people need? DANISHES." Bill took me into the local bakery and bought every single baked good in sight."

The actor didn't fare so well himself in the cakes stakes. When filming the gorging scene, he was offered a spit bucket but he refused, and ended up making himself ill.


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