20 Mind-Blowing Facts You Didn’t Know About Groundhog Day

6. It's The Basis Of A Self-Help Book

Magic Of Groundhog Day
Nightingale Conant

Motivational speaker Paul Hannam based his mantra for self-fulfillment on Groundhog Day, even going so far as to write a book called The Magic of Groundhog Day. He charges his readers with unlocking the magic of the movie to help transform their own lives and "break free from repetitive thoughts and behaviours that keep you stuck in a rut."

He recognised in the film the keys to transforming a "mundane day into a magical day by simply changing your attitudes." It's that simple, apparently!

The film also inspired another less philosophical trend: when it airs on TV, it's traditional to air the same six commercials on a loop during breaks.


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