20 Most Epic Movie Moments Of 2015

Car chases, shootouts and dinosaur fights all made this year amazing.

The most epic movie moments of the year aren€™t necessarily the greatest scenes from this year in film, or even the biggest. Instead, they were the moments that put audiences on the edge of their seats while their jaws collectively dropped, showcasing scope, creativity and payoff all at once. Though these moments in question aren€™t necessarily all action set pieces, those types of sequences naturally lend themselves well to staying in people€™s minds. A small character moment can be important, but the criteria of being epic conjures up images of a massive range and impossible stunts. Some moments were brief, and some played out as entire, unforgettable sequences. Many represented the high points in very successful films but even otherwise poor movies can be buoyed by a single, spectacular moment. With so many incredible and action-packed movies this year, a handful of them could comprise a list all of their own. So for the sake of variance, only the singular most epic moment of a film was considered, and even then it was hard to whittle down the list to only 20. 2015 marked a high point in blockbuster cinema and audiences were treated with a bevy of fantastic scenes as a result. Whether a small-scale fight or a large-scale chase, these were the grandiose moments that defined this year in blockbuster films.

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