20 Most Epic Movie Moments Of 2015

20. Rooftop Rescue (San Andreas)

San Andreas was a pretty forgettable disaster flick. Dwayne Johnson was predictably solid and the film looked great but the story was woefully generic, pulling the whole thing down as a result. Interspersed between all of that, however, was one incredible scene that deserves mention. Carla Gugino€™s Emma is having lunch on the top floor of a massive Los Angeles hotel when a massive earthquake strikes. The camera follows her in a single-take tracking shot as she races across the floor, dodging debris and searching for an exit as the building begins to crumble underneath her. Finally, she makes her way to the roof where The Rock is ready with his helicopter to save her. The entire sequence is heart-pounding and even though she€™s being surrounded by CGI destruction, it€™s sold so well and the action involves the audience so successfully that it€™s hard not to be sucked in. San Andreas might have featured a tidal wave bigger than the Golden Gate bridge but it was this moment that sold the human struggle amidst its epic scale.
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