20 Most Impressive Displays Of Power In The MCU

Incredible feats of power from Earth's mightiest and beyond.

avengers infinity war Thor stormbreaker

In a franchise filled with gods, gamma powered monsters, aliens and sorcerers, it was only natural that the MCU’s entries would become more and more fantastical as the years went by. Clearly, the mega-franchise has come a long way since Tony Stark built a suit of armor in a cave with a box of scraps.

While this escalation has made some entries’ relatability somewhat wane due to the distant and sometimes overwhelming stakes, there is a certain appeal in witnessing grandiose spectacles featuring powerful beings coming to blows with each other or stopping cataclysmic events.

Admittedly, the MCU may not the best at establishing a consistent set of rules when it comes to who’s more powerful than who.

However, this does not stop viewers from appreciating the sheer power some of these characters wield as well as the technical wizardry needed to bring such over-the-top elements to life. In addition to this, some of these mind-blowing feats can be character-driven as seen with Thor’s triumphant entry in Wakanda during the events of Infinity War.

It remains to be seen how Marvel will continue to juggle the demands of releasing multiple stories, and its ever-growing roster of characters, but there is no denying that we will not be wanting for epic showcases of power from our heroes and villains.

20. Hulk Punches The Leviathan – The Avengers

avengers infinity war Thor stormbreaker
Marvel Studios

Recently, there have been a number of fans that have bemoaned the character regression that Bruce Banner has endured in the last few MCU entries. While this is not as recent as some people believe it is, there is no denying that the Jade Giant peaked in the first Avengers picture.

This is seen in his grand takedown of a Chitauri Leviathan in the film’s third act as well as the moment leading up to it. The reveal that Banner was in control of his destructive alter-ego was a neat payoff to 2008’s The Incredible Hulk’s closing moments and the mighty punch that followed was spectacle at its finest.

More than a decade later, Scott Lang in his Giant-Man form would replicate this feat in Endgame's third act and while it was breathtaking, it does not quite have the same impact that the Strongest Avenger's blow did back in 2012.

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