20 Most Impressive Displays Of Power In The MCU

18. Cap Is Worthy – Avengers: Endgame

avengers infinity war Thor stormbreaker
Marvel Studios

While Captain America is a formidable hero in his own right, he is not exactly a heavy hitter on the Avengers roster. That all changed during the events of Endgame, when the WWII vet got an electrifying boost from a time-displaced Mjolnir.

Proving his worth in wielding the power of Thor, Steve saves Thor from death at Thanos’ hands and uses the mighty weapon (plus his trusty shield) to great effect. Cap’s incredible combat skill coupled with a heaping dose of godly power was enough to have Thanos on the ropes in a way not even Thor with Stormbreaker was able to achieve.

Eventually, the MCU’s Big Bad got the upper hand and was able to disarm Steve and shatter his shield, a shocking feat in of itself. Either way, Captain America's brief use of the star-forged weapon was immensely satisfying to watch after years of build-up.

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