20 Most Rewatchable Sci-Fi Movies Of The 21st Century

Monsters in Seoul! Monsters in London! Monsters in our minds! And so, so much time travelling...

20th Century Fox

Good, bad, or lost in the vast so-so hinterland in between which claims so many forgettable titles, some films simply demand repeated viewings. They may be so bad that you need another viewing just to appreciate the depth of cringe they manage, or so superb that you need another chance to soak it all in.

Other films are cerebral enough that a single viewing is nowhere near enough to appreciate their genius, whilst some are so emotionally affecting that you need another go just to have a clear-eyed view of proceedings now that you know where it’s all headed. Sci fi in particular is littered with flicks, some genius and some only passable, which nonetheless require repeat viewings whether it’s because their cozy comedy is endlessly funny, their hefty themes are worth revisiting, or their plots are so labyrinthine that you’ll need a few goes just to get things straight.

With that in mind we’ve compiled this massive list of the new millennium’s most re-watchable sci fi flicks for your (re-)viewing pleasure.


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