20 Most WTF Movie Cameos Of All Time

What did we just see?

A Million Ways To Die In The West Christopher Lloyd

Though cameos rarely form the dramatic backbone of a movie, they can often result in some of their best and most memorable moments, with A-listers letting their hair down in small, unexpected comedy roles, and celebrities making jarring, out-of-nowhere appearances for easy laughs.

Now, we've already gone over the very best movie cameos nobody ever saw coming, but what about the weirdest? These might not be the flat-out funniest or best-executed cameos, but they were absolutely the most shocking and bizarre, leaving audiences wondering exactly what the hell they just saw.

While many of these cameos weren't merely for shock value and have actual merit as entertainment, they were all incredibly surprising and undeniably weird, catching viewers off-guard and gifting them an absolutely unforgettable movie moment in the process.

From celebrity cameos that reach peak irony to serious actors randomly goofing off, these fleeting appearances have thrown the gauntlet down to Hollywood, to try and come up with even stranger bit-parts for the industry's most famous faces...


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