20 Most WTF Movie Cameos Of All Time

20. Lance Armstrong - Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story

dodgeball lance armstrong
20th Century Fox

Kicking things off is a retroactive WTF cameo, because when Lance Armstrong initially showed up in Dodgeball to give Vince Vaughn's Peter La Fleur an inspirational rally back in 2004, it seemed pretty damn genuine.

Then Armstrong was exposed for the dope cheat he was, and now watching this cameo brings with it an entirely different meaning.

In a sense it adds a whole new layer of hilarity to the speech, which naturally now plays as totally hollow, but at least it still gave La Fleur the push he needs to destroy Globo Gym.

Some claim Armstrong's real-life admission ruined the scene and even the movie, but honestly, it just contorts it in another twisted direction.


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