20 Most WTF Movie Moments Of 2018

Yup, that really happened.

Venom Kiss

2018 has been filled with both incredible moments film fans will remember forever and also awful ones they'll hope to forget as soon as possible.

But in between all the good and the bad, there's been a healthy side-order of WTF. These are those moments so jaw-dropping in their strangeness, their accidental hilarity, their repulsiveness and their sheer shock value that they just might stick around in your brain for years.

From awful visual effects moments in big-budget movies to shock cameos, stunning death scenes and some of the most mind-numbingly stupid blockbuster plotting you're ever likely to see, these are the most bizarre movie moments of 2018.

A great WTF moment can make a bad movie memorable and also push a good movie to greatness. It just depends on the tone and how audiences respond to it, but love or hate these bats*** crazy scenes, you sure as hell can't call them boring or dull...

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