20 Most WTF Movie Moments Of 2021

Nobody saw THAT ending coming.

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2021 has been a jam-packed year for movies both big and small, in large part because so many films intended for 2020 ended up being nudged back a year for obvious reasons.

And while the film industry at large is still on the long, long road to recovery, the past 12 months have certainly delivered their fair share of memorable cinematic moments, from fist-pumping excitement to tear-soaked heartbreak and, yes, those moments that simply made you go "What the f**k!?"

From shocking death scenes to insane dialogue, ridiculous plot twists, atrocious CGI, and everything in-between, 2021 has delivered an abundance of movie moments primed to have you laughing, crying, and perhaps even straight-up raging at the screen.

Picking just 20 moments from the entire year really isn't easy, but these are the ones that audiences have been talking about ever since, whether they elevated the movie to become something else entirely or in fact actively ruined it.

Years from now, these WTF moments are what audiences will remember about these films, capturing viewers' attention for good or bad, and in turn creating long-lasting movie memories...

20. "Evil Dies Tonight!" - Halloween Kills

The Joker 1

Halloween Kills is a thoroughly weird sequel to 2018's franchise-saving retooling, and never stumbles harder than with its hilariously clumsy depiction of mob mentality.

Much of the film is focused on Tommy Doyle (Anthony Michael Hall) raising a lynch mob to go kill Michael Myers once and for all.

The meme-worthy phrase "Evil dies tonight!" is parroted a ridiculous number of times throughout the film by various Haddonfield residents, such that it quickly becomes impossible to take seriously.

On top of this, the mob ends up causing the death of an escaped mental patient who they mistake for Michael, and even when the mob finally traps Michael himself, he responds by dispatching them all with a savage efficiency.

Given the grade school-level tact with which writer-director David Gordon Green tackled mob rule in this movie, it's fair to be concerned about his recent confirmation that sequel Halloween Ends will confront the impact of the pandemic. Yikes.


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