20 Most WTF Movie Moments Of 2021 (So Far)

The most unhinged and unexpected movie moments of the year (so far).

False Positive

The world of cinema may be slowly edging back towards something that resembles normal, yet the first six months of 2021 haven't left audiences wanting for movie moments that are anything but normal.

As much as we all love those world-uniting moments like Cap grabbing Mjolnir in Avengers: Endgame or John Wick gunning down an entire room full of goons, what about those equally unforgettable scenes that remain forever infamous through their sheer WTF factor?

These 20 WTF moments represent the most bizarre, sickening, hilarious, violent, and straight-up insane sights to grace cinema screens both big and small throughout 2021 so far.

From ridiculous deaths nobody saw coming to unexpected cameos, demented backstories, unhinged plot twists, a certain unexpected trip to space, and everything else in-between, nobody who saw these movies will likely ever forget these ludicrous scenes.

There are of course six more months of the year still to come, but they'll need to offer up some truly deranged imagery to have even a fighting chance of dethroning these unapologetically insane cinematic moments.

It also goes without saying that MAJOR SPOILERS will follow for some of the year's biggest movies to date...

20. Mechagodzilla Gets Defeated By Alcohol - Godzilla Vs. Kong

False Positive
Warner Bros.

Godzilla vs. Kong is basically two hours of inspired absurdity, though even those who vibed with the movie's heightened ridiculousness might've turned an eyebrow up at its deeply silly climax.

The final battle of course sees Kong and Godzilla teaming up to battle Mechagodzilla as expected, though the two monsters get a most questionable assist from those pesky human characters who keep getting needlessly shoehorned into the fray.

In the end, Mechagodzilla is really felled by young conspiracy theorist Josh (Julian Dennison), who while in the mechanical creature's control room pours Bernie's (Brian Tyree Henry) booze flask all over the vents.

This causes a short-circuit which prevents Mechagodzilla from killing Kong, giving Godzilla precious time to charge up Kong's axe with his atomic breath, before Kong uses said axe to dismantle the robotic Titan.

As cool as this fight scene was, did it really need human interjection at all?


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