20 Most WTF Movie Moments Of 2021 (So Far)

19. Christopher Lloyd With A Shotgun - Nobody

False Positive

What really needs to be said about this entry other than "Doc Brown breaks bad."

The legendary Christopher Lloyd has a small supporting role in the recent thriller film Nobody as David Mansell, the elderly father of protagonist Hutch (Bob Odenkirk).

While audiences might assume that David would eventually get killed by the villains in order to set the stage for a scorched-Earth finale, he not only survives the entire movie in tact but literally takes up arms alongside both his son and Hutch's half-brother Harry (RZA) in the third act.

Seeing an 82-year-old Lloyd blowing away the bad guys with a shotgun is one of the more gleefully surreal cinematic sights of the year so far, and a real treat for fans of an actor who doesn't grace movie screens nearly enough nowadays.


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