20 Most WTF Movie Moments Of 2022

The movie moments that made everyone lose it in 2022.

Triangle of Sadness

2022 has been quite the year for cinema, and for better or worse, it served up a ton of movie moments you won't soon - or perhaps ever - forget.

It was a year where filmmakers of all persuasions let their freak flags fly as loudly and proudly as possible, delivering mind-boggling WTF moments none of us ever saw coming.

From deliciously meta comedies that got seriously weird to horror films that pushed the bounds of moral acceptability, and an MCU film that got surprisingly violent, these represent the most bizarre, horrifying, hilarious, and generally talked about movie moments of the last 12 months.

It was a year packed with death scenes both outrageous and terrifying, dance scenes coming totally out of nowhere, and a shower of bodily fluids as hilarious as it was nauseating.

It was also a year where filmmakers showed themselves to be twistedly obsessed with maternity and birth, ensuring viewers were left with unsettling imagery that had them reaching for the nearest container of eye bleach.

And so, poring over 2022 in cinema, these are those moments that made us all laugh, cry, cringe, and get close to losing our lunch...

20. Nicolas Cage Makes Out With Himself - The Unbearable Weight Of Massive Talent

Triangle of Sadness

Delirious meta-comedy The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent is really one giant, 107-minute WTF moment, with Nicolas Cage playing a fictionalised version of himself who gets caught between the FBI and a dangerous arms dealer.

But the oddest flourish of all is the periodic appearance of "Nicky" - a younger version of Cage, based on his likeness in the David Lynch film Wild at Heart, who shows up as a figment of Cage's imagination.

The VFX are certainly impressive for the price point, if just uncanny enough to be appropriately unsettling. It all reaches a bizarre apex during a restaurant confrontation, where Nicky plants a big smooch on his older self.

Best of all, Cage actually seems to enjoy it and leans into the kiss, before Nicky exclaims "Nic Cage smooches good!"

There's cinematic narcissism, and then there's... whatever the hell this was.


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