20 Movie Sequels You Didn't Know Were Coming In 2022

Knives Out 2 is coming. To Netflix. Next year.

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There's no denying that the cinematic landscape has been wildly upended over the past year, with the impact of COVID-19 causing colossal delays to dozens of big-budget movie projects.

But Hollywood has nevertheless been continually shooting films through most of the pandemic, and beyond that, setting up deals for films imminently due to go into production.

And in times of commercial uncertainty, what brings studio executives more comfort than sequels?

They're dependable money-spinners which present minimal risk to investors while maximising gains, yet are also so rampant and widespread that it's actually difficult to keep track of them all.

Though 2021's release calendar is pretty well-known by this point - especially as most of the films were supposed to hit last year - 2022 will play host to a number of sequels you surely didn't know about.

From fast-tracked follow-ups to recent hit movies to long-gestating sequels you'd largely forgotten about, and even a few projects that have quietly been in the can for a good while, these are the more surprising and unexpected sequels worth keeping your eyes out for next year...

20. Paranormal Activity 7

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The sixth and purportedly "final" Paranormal Activity movie, The Ghost Dimension, was released back in 2015, which between its desperate 3D gimmick, terrible reviews, and disappointing box office seemed to place a definitive capper on the shockingly successful found footage series.

But recognisable horror IP rarely lay dormant for too long, and so in June 2019 a seventh Paranormal Activity was confirmed to be in development, with William Eubank (Underwater) recently tapped to direct a script from Christopher Landon, who wrote all but the first and last movies in the franchise.

Though originally dated for 2021, Paranormal Activity 7 ended up sliding into 2022 and is now set for March 4 of next year. Little is known about the plot, though the four principal cast members were recently confirmed - Emily Bader, Roland Buck III, Dan Lippert, and Henry Ayres-Brown.

More surprising than the film's mere existence, however, is the fact it will be foregoing a theatrical release in favour of a day-one bow on Paramount's streaming service Paramount+.


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