20 Movies Starring Game Of Thrones Actors In 2020

Where you can see the Thrones cast this year...


HBO's mega hit Game of Thrones may be gone, but the actors who brought all our favourite characters to life are still with us, bringing equally strong products to life in epic fashion! Who are we kidding, the end of Thrones was a devastating moment in all our lives and leaves a dark void that can never be replaced! (n.b. whatculture are official supporters of the petition to remake the final series. n.b. That last statement is completely false.)

While the quality of films that our Thrones actors have been involved in since the show's conclusion have been somewhat mixed, 2020 promises to be the year to get us out of our post Thrones funk.

From epic MCU entries to sequels we've been hanging out for, from low budget character studies to films featuring assassins shooting it out, the entries on this list may vary in style but are all promising and potential gems. And when a list features an elderly English actor featuring in a Bollywood Action Musical, how can you not read on!


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