20 Movies Starring MCU Actors In 2018

Still Strange, but not the Doctor.

Doctor Strange The Grinch
Marvel Studios

With the Marvel Cinematic Universe decisively being the highest-grossing movie franchise of all time, it's safe to say that appearing in an MCU film represents a career pinnacle for many actors, at least as far as stardom and probably paychecks are concerned.

Having an MCU movie on the filmography opens a lot of doors and grants blockbuster opportunities to actors who otherwise wouldn't be able to bag them in a million years. After all, would Jurassic World have ever even given Chris Pratt a second look if he didn't make a name for himself in Guardians of the Galaxy? And who knew Chris Hemsworth before he became Thor?

While many of 2018's biggest movies will feature actors like Pratt and Hemsworth who made their names thanks to Marvel, it's also fair to say that, for many stars who were established long before they joined the MCU, appearing in an Avengers movie is just another day at the office. For them, their next big role might be an equivalent blockbuster, a low-key sci-fi drama or even an art-house horror film.

Of the many movies starring MCU actors released over the next 12 months, these are the 20 most intriguing, covering just about every movie genre and price point...


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