20 Movies Starring Star Wars Actors In 2016

Yes, Kevin Smith counts...

With Star Wars: The Force Awakens once again surging the series' fandom to a fever pitch, what better time to check out the upcoming projects of those who starred in not only the most recent movie, but any of the seven films? It's certainly interesting to see the directions in which careers can go: some Star Wars alums are working for the greatest filmmakers who have ever lived right now, while some are starring in and directing their own films, some are possibly going straight-to-video, and some are, well, appearing in a movie called "Sausage Party" (which, depending on your outlook, can be good or bad). Whether cameo or huge role, whether closely associated with Star Wars or not, these cast members have all kept themselves busy as of late, and soon enough we get to see the fruit of their labour. So, from the promising to the not-so, here are 20 movies starring Star Wars actors in 2016...

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