20 Obscure Movies With Hilarious IMDB Descriptions

Because if you haven't heard of the version of Titanic with a rapping dog, you're doing something wrong.

According to Wikipedia, as of April 2014 IMDb had over two million titles on its site. Even the most dedicated movie buff can't claim to have watched that many movies; it's just physically impossible (unless you have some kind of superpower that allows you to watch movies in a strange time vacuum, in which case, you really got shortchanged on possible superpowers). So chances are there's a few of those movies you haven't seen, and a few more you probably haven't even heard of. Unfortunately, it's just a sad fact of life that some of those are really great movies that you'll never end up seeing. With over two million choices, it's pretty much inevitable. But with over two million possibilities, it's also inevitable that there are going to be some absolutely insane movies that you will miss out on. Luckily, you can still get some of the mind-blowing effect just by reading the IMDb descriptions of these movies. Carefully scoured out from the Romance and Family genres are twenty of the strangest, most implausible (and just downright absurd) movie descriptions from a wide range of time periods - because since the invention of movies, people have apparently been making weird films that leave you questioning your existence. Read on to discover twenty masterpieces of movie description, and if you're really brave, perhaps you'll even watch a few.

20. If You Ever Get To Heaven (2010)

"Two sisters, three children, a monk and Elvis find themselves traveling the medieval pilgrim route to Santiago de Compostela in Northern Spain in a VW camper van." How many people does a VW camper van hold? And the real question, can one van already filled with six other people really contain the awesome star power of Elvis? Presumably they picked up the monk because he's on a pilgrimage, but doesn't that mean you're supposed to walk? Is the holiness of your pilgrimage not muddled by a riding in a van? So many questions.

19. Cayman Went (2009)

"Cayman Went is the story of Josh Anders, a fading Hollywood underwater action star whose life takes on new meaning when he's forced to spend time with the eccentric, endearing inhabitants of Cayman Brac and their local dive community." What exactly is an underwater action star?? And are there so many that some of them start to fade out in the cutthroat world of Hollywood's underwater action movie scene? The best part is that this movie actually features some well-known celebrities, including a brief appearance by a pre-Office Ellie Kemper. Actually, let's be real here, the best part of this movie is the title. Congratulations for the brilliant play-on-words, a tip of the hat to you.
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