20 People You Didn't Know Were In A Harry Potter Film

19. Luke Youngblood

luke youngblood Another face that will be recognisable to fans of excellent comedies is Luke Youngblood, who plays the recurring role of Magnitude in the underrated NBC sitcom Community. Describable as a one-man party, the character and his €˜Pop Pop€™ catchphrase are a strange combination of irritating and humorous. In the first two films of the Harry Potter series, Youngblood appeared as Lee Jordan, a friend of Fred and George Weasley who acts as the commentator on Hogwarts Quidditch games. The actor disappeared from the series after the second film and didn€™t return in later entries, even though his character in the books plays a part in Dumbledore€™s Army and the Battle for Hogwarts.

18, 17 and 16. Alfonso Cuaron, Mike Newell and David Yates

cuaronnewellyates Alfred Hitchcock was one of first directors who opted to appear on screen for a few seconds in some of his films. Many others have followed suit in the decades since, including three of the four directors responsible for bringing Harry Potter to the big screen. The director of the first two films, Chris Columbus, stayed behind the camera at all times, but his successors, the Mexican Alfonso Cuaron (best known for Children Of Men) and the English duo of Mike Newell (Four Weddings And A Funeral) and David Yates (State Of Play), each popped up in front of it in their respective contributions to the franchise. Cuaron appears as both a man in a pub and a Hogwarts portrait in Prisoner of Azkaban, Mike Newell is the voice heard on the radio at the start of Goblet Of Fire and Yates appears as a different portrait in Order Of The Phoenix. On a footnote, because I€™m not quite sure where else it would fit into the article, England international footballer Theo Walcott was also initially slated to cameo in Order Of The Phoenix as Yates is the partner of his aunt Yvonne. He ultimately had to pull out because of football commitments, but other members of his family appear in his stead.
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