20 Reasons Horror Might Be The Greatest Genre Ever

Shining-Danny2 Horror - the most despised and frowned upon genre in cinema. Thought by snobby critics to be lacking in moral fibre and nothing more than an exercise in bad taste. Deemed disgusting by the censors who butcher and ban our beloved films. We are made to feel small by 'proper' cinema fans who think that horror is not a relevant or decent film genre. "Texas Chainsaw Massacre will never go down in the annals of great cinema" they sneer at us without even having seen the darn movie. But we horror fans know better and we don't let the hostility and criticism get us down. We are hands down viewers of the best genre in the world of cinema. We get to suspend our disbelief and enter into bizarre worlds where anything goes and we get a bloody good scare, or a good gorefest. No other genre gets to push the limits of cinema the way horror does. We have a proud heritage and a strong community. And it is time for us not to be pushed around anymore! I now present to you the definitive 20 reasons why horror kicks ass above and beyond any other genre

20. Messages and Morals

22.02.201320a Horror films are very good at giving us moral messages and advice about what to do and what not to do in life. After watching Carrie, I bet you will never pick on the underdog or weakling in your life again for fear that you will go up in a blazing inferno or be killed by flying kitchen implements. The Living Dead at the Manchester Morgue tells us to avoid messing around with nature lest we unleash a wave of flesh hungry undead zombies. Last House on the Left teaches us the old adage "an eye for an eye". All of this is very graphically demonstrated so that it makes a high impact upon the viewer and we get the message or learn our moral lesson. If you want life coaching, horror is the genre for you.
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