20 Reasons Horror Might Be The Greatest Genre Ever

19. Expect the Unexpected:=

22.02.2013wicker Horror is probably the best genre at delivering shocks and twist endings. It all originated from the 1920 silent film The Cabinet of Dr Caligari which is the film where the twist ending was invented. Yes horror invented the twist ending! And it has been supplying them by the bucketful - often to nerve shredding effect since. Take for example, Herk Harvey's classic cult horror film Carnival of Souls, the heroine wanders through the film with dead ghouls chasing her only to realise she has been dead all along. Excellent British horror film The Wicker Man - the tale of a missing girl was false. It was concocted to lure Edward Woodward to the island to be sacrificed. Night of the Living Dead - our hero Ben lasts out the night of the living dead only to be mistaken for a zombie and shot dead. If you want a real twist in the tale, horror is the best genre to provide you with a scorpion's sting.
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