20 Rules You Must Follow To Survive A Slasher Movie

20. Never Stand At The Back Or The Front, And Don't Split Up

Two of the biggest mistakes that are made in every slasher film are people walking in single file and the gang choosing to split up. These are colloquially known as the "Scooby Doo Errors". Splitting up makes you more susceptible to a painful death. Safety is always more likely in numbers, although in the case of some movie serial killers even several hundred people would struggle to take them down. Walking in single file makes the people at the front and the back easy pickings. That guy at the back will be picked off without anyone else even realising it, while the person at the front will be killed in a shockingly brutal way just to terrify everyone else in the queue. If someone insists that you walk in single file, it's probably best to be in the middle somewhere.
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