20 Scariest Horror Movies Of All Time

19. Don't Look Now (1973)

Don€™t Look Now opens with the most terrifying thing imaginable €“ the death of a child, which establishes the film€™s grim, downbeat tone. It€™s also the plot device that causes Julie Christie and Donald Sutherland to uproot and leave for gloomy-looking Venice where, for a variety of reasons, the tragedy continues to haunt their new life. To reveal more would be unthinkable, because this is a movie that audiences have to experience for themselves, armed with as little knowledge as possible, which is equally unthinkable in the age of Rotten Tomatoes. The less you know, the more enjoyable the journey, and the more satisfying the ending (unless you€™ve already read Daphne Du Maurier€™s short story). Sure, you can dismiss Nic Roeg€™s direction as arty and pretentious if you wish, but doesn€™t his handling of the material add to the overall dreamlike quality of the narrative? You decide.
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