20 Sneaky End Credits Messages You Probably Missed

20. Cloverfield

Paramount Pictures

Cloverfield still stands as a triumph of viral marketing and hidden messages. Throughout an irresistibly gripping marketing campaign, fans were drip fed details pointing at hints that formed a jigsaw to reveal... well, not a great deal really. But the pleasure of the hunt was the best part of the marketing, and some of the cleverer easter egg hunters were able to uncover some choice details, even if the plot was kept a pretty closely guarded series.

And it seems the eggs kept coming even beyond the film's end, with not one but two audio messages played out over the final credits,. The first, most noticable one was €œHelp us!€ - simple enough €“ but the second was a lot more difficult to find, and mostly impossible unless you were guided...

Which of course begs the questions: who was watching Cloverfield backwards?!

19. Fatal Attraction

"Screenplay by James Dearden, for the screenplay based on his earlier screenplay." Confusing.

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