20 Sports Documentaries You Must See Before You Die

We look at some of the most captivating stories to ever come from the world of sports.

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Ask any true sports fan about some of their most beloved memories and they'll more than likely want to reminisce about their favourite team or player achieving something great or even the specific sport they love. There's just something about a competitive game and the various characters involved in it that connects with people on a deep level.

As fans, we only really get to see the finished product as the action unfolds in front us. While those certainly yield unforgettable moments, our access to sports documentaries has proven that the real gold happens behind the scenes. Whether these films are celebrating the greatness of these sports stars or condemning them for their on or off-field actions, the spotlight that is shone on these major sporting moments gives us as fans an entirely new perspective.

That's why we've gone back and watched some of the best sports documentaries ever made and created this essential list that any sports lover can appreciate. From new information being given to us on well-known stories we thought we knew everything about, to highlighting inspirational sports figures and pioneers that you might know nothing about, there's a little bit of something for everyone on this list.

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