20 Superhero Movie Moments That Were Impossible To Forget

Bane Crying Movie critic David Thomson recently published a book called "Moments That Made The Movies," which consisted of 72 hand-picked (and highly personal) "moments" from across the span of cinema - moments that he believes have come to define the medium it its entirety. And you know what? Not a single superhero movie in the bunch! What's wrong, Mr. Thomson? Don't think The Avengers has the dramatic weight of something like Sunset Boulevard? That Heath Ledger's Joker doesn't compare to to all those Jack Nicholson movies you selected? Oh, you don't? Well, we do. Enough to make our own list, in fact. Here's our picks for 20 Superhero Movie Moments That Were Impossible To Forget, assembled to celebrate what is - in this day and age, anyway - cinema's most popular sub-genre. A moment doesn't have to be good or bad to have made the list, of course - it just has to have welded itself to your memory banks. Forever. Let's get started...

20. When Peter Parker Unleashed Those Godawful Dance Moves

Spider Man Dance Moves Gif

Or as it's better known: the point at which Sam Raimi lost his mindFanboy Soundbite: "What the hell am I watching here? Is this still Spider-Man 3? Is this, like, a trailer for a different movie about... jazz? Seriously, what has this got to do with Venom? ... Did he just say 'dig on this?'"

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