20 Superhero Movie Moments That Were Impossible To Forget

19. When The Hulk Made Loki Look Like A Total Douche

Hulk Loki Fight Avengers Gif

Or as it's better known: the real reason Loki hasn't been back to Earth Fanboy Soundbite: "Ha! Hulk smash! Hilarious - though it does give rise to some issues pertaining to Loki's status as a demi-God. I mean, what sort of damage is he taking here? ... Hello?"

18. When Gordon Made His Dark Knight Speech

Dark Knight Gif Gif

Or as it's better known: the part where Batman really becomes Batman Fanboy Soundbite: "Some people don't like the way that Christopher Nolan writes dialogue. F*ck those people."

17. When Superman Snapped Zod's Neck Like A Twig

Superman Man Of Steel Gif

Or as it's better known: the most controversial moment to occur in a movie released that week Fanboy Soundbite: "Superman would never have killed somebody like that - I'm speechless. It's like, do these Hollywood hotshots have no respect for the source material or what? How dare they try and do something different!"

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