20 Terrible 2015 Movies That Should Never Have Happened

Because money, stupid.

A terrible movie is a terrible movie, but at least we as viewers can appreciate why some of them exist or the promise they had prior to release: the final Paranormal Activity had something to tie up (though it categorically failed to), there was a sliver of hope Hitman: Agent 47 might not be terrible (but it was), and at least Jupiter Ascending had that awesome Chicago-set chase sequence. This list is instead about those films where there's not much of a discernible purpose or reason for the films to exist: either the audience wasn't there, it was clear they were doomed to be terrible, or in the case of a few sequels and reboots, there was simply no need to go there. Though not all of these movies are strictly the 20 worst of the year, they're the 20 that, above all others, did little to encourage their own existence, and will at least thankfully be forgotten by most viewers soon enough. Here are 20 terrible 2015 movies that should never have happened...

20. By The Sea

The Plot: In the 1970s, a married couple (Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt) whose relationship is on the rocks head to the south of France, where their interactions with a passionate young couple (Melanie Laurent and Melvil Poupaud) dare to re-awaken that dying spark. Why It Shouldn't Exist: Because it's nothing more than a limp vanity project for the focal couple, written and directed by Jolie no less but bringing practically nothing of interest to the table beyond the admittedly lush European vistas. It strains to be profound and meaningful but categorically fails: it's like a film school student's attempt to copy Richard Linklater's Before series, too self-consciously affected to prise any honesty out of the scenario. Plus, the reason for the marital discontent is pretty damn obvious early on. If you haven't guessed it, you were probably comatose (which is an equally valid response to the film, in fairness).

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