20 Terrible Razzie Mistakes - Corrected

Who says the Oscars have the monopoly on terrible decisions?

Warner Bros.

The 2020 Razzie winners have now been announced (following the ceremony's cancellation for obvious reasons) and aside from one huge mistake (more on that shortly), it's been a good ceremony this year. It was certainly wonderful to see Cats clean up.

The reason why this ceremony has been so satisfying is that it's an unusually fair line-up for the Razzies, which is a fun award show to follow but does tend to make a lot of mistakes. The Razzies often nominate cool-to-hate blockbusters instead of the actual worst movies of a year, while valid questions have been raised about the credibility of the voting process too.

On the whole, as entertaining as the Razzies are, they arguably get things wrong just as much as the Oscars do. With the Razzies having recently turned forty it's a great time to look back on some of the most head-bangingly stupid Razzie nominations to date. If the Razzies really want to become a credible thing, they need to avoid mistakes like these in the future...


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