20 Theories That Answer Classic Unexplained Disney Questions

19. How Come WALL-E Is The Only One Left Of His Kind?

The Film: WALL-E Answer: Whilst WALL-E may seem like he is a cute, loving little robot he's actually worse than Patrick Bateman. A complete psychopath. On the surface, it appears that he's been left alone because all of his fellow robots simply stopped working, but it's a lot more sinister than that. The units all had the capacity to self-repair; so as soon as the first ones started to die, the others should have been able to fix themselves. That wasn't really a quirk of WALL-E's programming "malfunction", it's more like commitment to their prime directive. So in reality, it looks more like WALL-E killed off every other robot to harvest them. That's why he's so very blasé about cutting them up and stealing their body parts for himself and despite the fact that he falls in love with another robot he doesn't seem to mind that he is surrounded by death in the first place.
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