20 Things Hidden In Fight Club You Totally Missed

2. Lauren Sanchez

If you have no idea who Lauren Sanchez is then don’t worry. I’m sure there are thousands or even millions of people who love this movie who have no idea who she is either – me included until recently.

However, if you’re from L.A or you’re a fan of the show So You Think You Can Dance, you might’ve been surprised to see this real-life reporter and ex-TV host. She can be seen reporting the anarchy of project Mayhem on the TV when they’re all crowding around it to watch.

Not only using this woman as an actress, but using her real-life name in the news report, gives the film a larger element of realism. This places Fight Club firmly in our own world, a nice touch on top of the countless amount of product placement. And this one doesn’t specifically criticise consumer culture, instead purely there to make the film itself more believable.

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