20 Things You Didn’t Know About Thunderball (1965)

11. “Tell London I’ve Made Contact With The Girl.” “Well, It’s Not What I’d Call Contact.”

Thunderball Domino

Although Martine Beswick had auditioned for a role in Dr. No and had later featured as Zora, one of the gypsy fighting girls in From Russia With Love, she was cast as Double-0 Seven's assistant in Nassau, Paula Caplan.

However, even though she had been born in Jamaica, her skin was pale from living in London, devoting herself to her stage career. She was therefore required to bathe in the sun in Nassau for several weeks being filming began to develop a healthy tan and appear as though she was a Bahamian native.

Recalling James Bond's introduction to Quarrel (John Kitzmiller) in Dr. No, Paula was to have met the British agent at a bar on the beach, writing "007" in the sand to make contact with him. However, the scene was ultimately cut for timing reasons.


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