20 Things You Didn’t Know About Thunderball (1965)

10. “...Head To Our Target Area: Miami.”

Thunderball Domino

Production designer, Sir Ken Adam designed the underwater tow sleds used by SPECTRE to transport and guard the atomic bombs that they have purloined from the downed NATO Vulcan bomber. However, he did not know whether they could even be built to work.

Fortunately, the filmmakers found an expert on mini-submarines named Jordan Klein in Miami, Florida, who was able to build the vehicles as functioning underwater equipment, which gave Adam a lot of confidence in his work.

When producer, Kevin McClory ultimately became very wealthy from his share of the profits on Thunderball, he purchased a villa in The Bahamas and placed the main yellow and black SPECTRE mini-submarine in his garden, where it remained for many years.

Sadly, the craft - which would hold a place of honour in any Bond fan's collection - became increasingly dilapidated after years of neglect. When McClory sold the property and it was subsequently bulldozed in the 1990s to make way for a holiday resort, the prop was destroyed along with it!


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