20 Things You Didn't Know About Gone Girl

19. Seth Rogen, Ryan Reynolds, Brad Pitt & Jon Hamm Were Considered For Nick

Gone Girl Rosamund Pike

Though Ben Affleck eventually won the role of protagonist Nick Dunne, the part was sought-after by a number of A-list talents who were held in contention with Affleck.

The candidate which most immediately makes sense is Jon Hamm, who had to duck out early due to his commitments to Mad Men, while it's also easy to see how Brad Pitt would've done something interesting with the part.

A compelling left-field contender, however, was Ryan Reynolds, who was considered during the early stages, and finally there's the decidedly more eyebrow-raising Seth Rogen.

Then again, Fincher got a great performance out of Tyler Perry in this movie, so he probably could've re-shaped Rogen, an admittedly strong actor, in a more serious-minded image.


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